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Saturday, May 20, 2006
yea... this is REALLY old, im surprised i remembered about it...

well, i've decided to make this nuTang a "playground", so to speak. I'll be practicing my CSS/HTML skills on this, because of the freedom of looks and features nuTang has.

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update... finally...
Monday. 10.10.05 1:18 am
i havent done this in a while... but! i decided to keep this one so please dont delete! i have another one... schzoidbaka. that's gunna be my personal one... but this one will be the one where i rant on and on about nothingness. it'll be awesome i swear! i gots opinions about a lot of things and if you wanna hear what i think on anything... just comment and ask... but surely.. that plan will be shot down in a blaze of glory... oh and also.. im gunna change the layout. im know i was obsessed with samurai ledgend musashi, but when i played it... i totally think that brave fencer musashi is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better... ~angeline

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this is really old
Friday. 8.12.05 5:38 pm
heya nessa,

this is a really old thing... but remember chopsticks_and_sushi? that's old too..

my other account? i think im gunna delete it... yes.. i'll do that. but how do you delete accounts on nutang? idk

you better come here and check it out!

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a lot has happened
Saturday. 30 April, 2005 7:24 pm
i haven't been here in a while.
whoa, i gotta change my site....

well anyways, there's not much for me to talk about. i dont think im too fond of web-blogs anymore. well any ways, i bought Brave Fencer Musashi for Playstation a few days ago. awesome game. it's really cute too with the little polygonic people and all. yea..

well it's less than a month till schools out. im excited, cant wait for the morining where i sleep in. but with school almost being over, it also means finals are coming up. damn. oh well.

umm.. let's see. i am really bored right now. the internet bores me. it's not that exciting.

oh yea, today, i got a satellite installed (finally!) but i only get about 10 extra channels. all asain channels. i have filipino channels, chinese, i think taiwanese channels too. i was hoping that we get some japanese channels too, but no we dont have it. that sucks. oh well.

sigh. lets see. last weekend, i went to san fransisco for a cherry blossom festival. had an awesome time there. i have a bunch of pictures of a parade that was there. it was cool. found a bunch of cute guys too (yay!). My friends, Miles and Jay, we ate at a really nice restaurant. i felt kinda weird 'cause it was a nice restaurant and miles and jay were dressed nice, and i was dressed in jeans and a queen shirt. nice.

i bought a kakashi plush doll there. and i also bought the two gungrave osts. awesome music. i'll put up a picture of my kakashi doll. he's so cute. and if i figure out how to put music on this thing, i'll put some gungrave music on here. yes...

other than that. nothin much is going on. it's just the same old, same old.


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the new braceface is in town
Wednesday. 3.23.05 10:00 pm
hey there!

whoa havent updated, it's ok. it's not like anyone reads this crap.

well anyways, i got my braces started yesterday. i just got my brackets and spacers in. i'll get the rest in a couple of days. everyone who's had braces says it hurts, but i dont feel any pain. it just feels weird that's all. but maybe ill start to feel the hurt when i get the metal spacers with the wire. i dunno.

oh yea, MUSASHI: SAMURAI LEDGEND is out already, since the 15th, i want it so bad!!! but i frickin' cant find it in any store (a-ho's).

monday, i went Queen spurging. that means i bought a whole lotta Queen stuff. i bought a Queen shirt that i've been eyeing, and i bought a Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert D-VuhDuh. it hella rocks dude. i "heart" Queen. i love 'em man!
dude, i'm even listening to them right now.


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Thursday. 3.10.05 10:35 pm
watching: Rex Naverette: Hella Pinoy
mood: happy, sad, retarded? nope, kinda all of 'em
listening to: ƒoo ƒighters, screw foo fighters, im listenin' to sooper mix!
i havent updated in a while...

well it doesnt matter, but anyways, i might be getting my braces on saturday. whoa it'll be crazy. braces man...

hmm.... my mom will be gone all of next week, she's going to virginia. west i think.

hmm... what else? oh yea! i rented Starfox: Assualt for gamecube, awesome game. though i dont like the "pilot" missions, you know, the ones where your on foot. Arwing missions are the best though. .........awesome......

ummm... i dont remember anything else.... but it's ok!


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